Building the Next Generation of Toys

Connected Toys are the Future

With kids spending more time than ever on mobile devices, expectations for toys have never been higher. At Dash Robotics, we combine hardware and software to allow children to access rich, intelligent play, at a price parents can afford.

New Challenges for an Established Industry

Connected toy development can be complex, costly & time consuming. Dash Robotics makes it easy to transform traditional toys and brands for the digital age.

A Platform for Connected Toys


We rapidly develop high quality connected toys. Our platform and toolchain delivers hardware, software and backend analytics in as little as three months. We enable your brands with the best play experiences, interaction, and fun.


Our bespoke tools and experienced team allow us to prototype fast, and get to production quickly.

Integrated  Software/Harware

Robotics is the future of play, from dolls to dinosaurs, for boys or girls. We know robotic toys.


We provide COPPA compliant, actionable data to fuel your product development and marketing in a way that has never been possible before.

Our Platform in Action

The first product built on our platform, Kamigami Robots, is a multiple award winning toy that combines building with your hands, programming your own games, robot to robot communication, and raucous robot running play. Kamigami has been licensed by a major US toy company and will soon be in stores all over North America.

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Who We Are

We are a team of product focused, hardcore technologists. We came to the world of toys through research at Berkeley, Stanford, and Carnegie Mellon. Combined we have over five decades of experience building robots, toys, and robotic toys. Our mission is to build the backbone of connected toy technology.

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